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February 6, 2013



Zash RM, Ajose-Popoola O, Stordal K, Souda S, Ogwu A, Dryden-Peterson S, Powis K, Lockman S, Makhema J, Essex M, Shapiro RL. Risk factors for mortality among human immunodeficiency virus-exposed and unexposed infants admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit in BotswanaJ Paediatr Child Health. 2013 Dec 23

Novitsky V, Bussmann H, Logan A, Moyo S, van Widenfelt E, Okui L, Mmalane M, Baca J, Buck L, Phillips E, Tim D, McLane MF, Lei Q, Wang R, Makhema J, Lockman S, Degruttola V, Essex M. Phylogenetic Relatedness of Circulating HIV-1C Variants in Mochudi, Botswana. PLoS One. 2013 Dec 11

Pramanik Sollerkvist L, Gaseitsiwe S, Mine M, Sebetso G, Mphoyakgosi T, Diphoko T, Essex M, Ehrnst A. Increased CXCR4 use of HIV-1 subtype C identified by population sequencing in patients failing antiretroviral treatment compared with treatment-naïve patients in BotswanaAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2013 Nov 8

Dryden-Peterson S, Jayeoba O, Hughes MD, Jibril H, McIntosh K, Modise TA, Asmelash A, Powis KM, Essex M, Shapiro RL, Lockman S. Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis and Risk of Severe Anemia or Severe Neutropenia in HAART-Exposed, HIV-Uninfected InfantsPLoS One. 2013 Sep 23

Moyo S, Lecuyer T, Wang R, Gaseitsiwe S, Weng J, Musonda R, Bussmann H, Mine M, Engelbrecht S, Makhema J, Marlink RG, Baum MK, Novitsky V, Essex M. Evaluation of the False Recent Classification Rates of Multi-Assay Algorithms in Estimating HIV-1 Subtype C IncidenceAIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2013 Aug 12

Souda S, Gaseitsiwe S, Georgette N, Powis K, Moremedi D, Iketleng T, Leidner J, Moffat C, Ogwu A, Lockman S, Moyo S, Mmalane M, Musonda R, Makhema J, Essex M, Shapiro R. No Clinically Significant Drug Resistance Mutations In HIV-1 subtype C Infected Women After Discontinuation Of NRTI-Based Or PI-Based HAART For PMTCT In BotswanaJ Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2013 Mar 28

Wang R, Weng J, Moyo S, Pain D, Barr CD, Maruapula D, Mongwato D, Makhema J, Novitsky V, Essex M. Effect of short-course antenatal Zidovudine and single-dose Nevaripine on the BED capture enzyme immunoassay levels in HIV-1 subtype C infection. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2013 Mar 22

Novitsky V, Wang R, Rossenkhan R, Moyo S, Essex M. Intra-Host Evolutionary Rates in HIV-1C env and gag during Primary Infection. Infect Genet Evol. 2013 Mar 19.

Rossenkhan R, Macleod IJ, Sebunya TK, Castro-Nallar E, McLane MF, Musonda R, Gashe BA, Novitsky V, Essex M. Tat exon 1 Exhibits Functional Diversity During HIV-1 Subtype C Primary Infection. J Virol. 2013 Mar 13

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