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February 6, 2008


Bae, W.H., Wester, C., Smeaton, L.M., Shapiro, R.L., Lockman, S., Onyait, K., Thior, I., Essex, M. Hematologic and hepatic toxicities associated with antenatal and postnatal exposure to maternal highly active antiretroviral therapy among infants. AIDS. Aug 20 2008

Bussmann C, Rotz P, Ndwapi N, Baxter D, Bussmann H, Wester CW, Ncube P, Avalos A, Mine M, Mabe E, Burns P, Cardiello P, Makhema J, Marlink R. Strengthening healthcare capacity through a responsive, country-specific, training standard: the KITSO AIDS training program’s support of Botswana’s national antiretroviral therapy rollout. Open AIDS J. 2008 Feb 29

Bussmann, H., Wester, C.W., Ndwapi, N., Grundmann, N., Gaolathe, T., Puvimanasinghe, J., Avalos, A., Mine, M., Seipone, K., Essex, M., deGruttola, V., and Marlink, R.G. Five-Year Outcomes of Initial Patients Treated in Botswana’s National Antiretroviral Treatment Program. AIDS. 2008

Novitsky, V., Woldegabriel, E., Wester, C., McDonald, E., Rossenkhan, R., Ketunuti, M., Makhema, J., Seage, G.R. 3rd, Essex, M. Identification of primary HIV-1C infection in BotswanaAIDS Care. Aug 2008

Rowley, C.F., Boutwell, C.L., Lockman, S., Essex, M. Improvement in allele-specific PCR assay with the use of polymorphism-specific primers for the analysis of minor variant drug resistance in HIV-1 subtype C. J Virol MethodsApr 2008

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