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February 6, 2000


Montano, M.A., Nixon, C.P., Ndung’u, T., Bussmann, H., Novitsky, V.A., Dickman, D., Essex, M. Elevated tumor necrosis factor-alpha activation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C in Southern Africa is associated with an NF-kappaB enhancer gain-of-function. J Infect Dis.Jan 2000

Ndung’u, T., Renjifo, B., Novitsky, V.A., McLane, M.F., Gaolekwe, S., Essex, M. Molecular cloning and biological characterization of full-length HIV-1 subtype C from Botswana. Virology. Dec 20 2000

Novitsky, V.A., Gaolekwe, S., McLane, M.F., Ndung’u, T.P., Foley, B.T., Vannberg, F., Marlink, R., and Essex, M. HIV-1 A/J Recombinant with a Pronounced pol Gene Mosaicism. AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 2000

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