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September 5, 2018

Official press conferences (AIDS 2018)

Dr. Joseph Makhema (BHP CEO) at the official Press Conference.


Dr. Mooketsi Joseph Makhema (BHP CEO) spoke at the AIDS 2018 official press conference under the theme ‘Sub-Saharan Africa: New Insights, New Impact’. He spoke about the BOTSWANA COMBINATION PREVENTION PROJECT which has been ongoing from October 2013,completed in March 2018 and follow up in June 2018 .The Botswana Combination Prevention Project (BCPP) is designed to evaluate whether a combination of proven HIV-prevention measures introduced into a community can significantly reduce HIV incidence—the number of new infections over time. In other words, by rapidly implementing what’s been scientifically shown to work, the BCPP hopes to dramatically decrease new HIV infections throughout a village. If the BCPP strategy works and is implemented on a large scale, the AIDS epidemic, with fewer and fewer new infections to fuel it, will burn itself out over time.

Click ‘here’ to watch the full video on the AIDS 2018 website.

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