Study Objectives:

  1. To determine the aetiology of GUD in patients presenting with genital ulceration
  2. To determine risk factors for specific causes of GUD
  3. To determine the prevalence of azithromycin resistance amongst cases of syphilis
  4. To undertake whole genome sequencing on organisms identified in cases of GUD and describe the genomic diversity present in target countries.
  5. To determine the prevalence of other sexually transmitted infections in individuals with GUD
  6. To describe the knowledge, attitudes and practice  regarding self-collection and self -testing for STIs and of partner notification among persons with genital ulcer disease and genital discharge attending outpatient STI clinics.
  7. Generate a biobank to allow future validation of new near-patient and/or point of care diagnostic tests for genital ulcer disease

Study Design: Cross-sectional

Study population and size:

  • 200 adults (aged 18 years or older) presenting with genital ulcer disease

Study duration: 1 year

Sponsor: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Principal Investigator: Chelsea Morroni (

Study Findings

Study is on-going and no data analyses have been done yet

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