Principal Investigator 

Study Objectives:

  1. To assess proviral HIV reservoir, we will generate near full length HIV-1 clade C sequences from participants samples and assess the composition of the proviral reservoir.
  2. To HLA type the study participants, here we will determine the HLA types of study participants, this information will allow us to determine whether the immune system is playing any role in the composition of the reservoir.

Study Design:

This is a cross-sectional study that will target the following:

Adolescents who previously participated in the parent study Assessment of Proviral Reservoir: Synergistic Combination of Reporter Cell Assay and Viral Diversity HRDC # 00820 who had initiated treatment early after mother to child transmission and have been on treatment for at least 10 years.

Study Population:

Adolescents who have been on ART for at least 10 years

Sample Size:  Approximately 35 participants will be contacted. We will approach previously enrolled participants using locator information provided by the participants.

Study Duration: 2 years

Sponsor: Southern African Network for TB and HIV Research Excellence (SANTHE)





Study Findings

Study ongoing, No results yet.

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