For over 25 years, BHP has conducted clinical trials and surveillance studies to improve the lives of women and children living with HIV in Botswana. On Monday 7th August 2023, BHP held a stakeholder’s engagement meeting at AVANI Gaborone Resort and Casino to present new data from the Tsepamo and Tatelo Studies. The meeting discussed recent Tsepamo Study findings, including the final analysis and interpretation of an earlier association between dolutegravir and neural tube defects.

Tsepamo Study conducts nationwide surveillance for adverse birth outcomes and congenital abnormalities at government delivery facilities throughout Botswana, evaluating risk factors that include specific antiretroviral agents; iron, folate, and multivitamin supplementation; and COVID-19.

Tatelo Study is a cutting-edge clinical trial that has provided the first proof-of-concept that broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies (bNAbs) can be used as an alternative to standard antiretroviral agents for selected children in Botswana. The Tatelo Study also provides insights into the use of bNAbs to promote functional HIV cure in children with favorable viral reservoir characteristics in future clinical trials. 

The stakeholder meeting included presentations on advances in pediatric HIV treatment and cure as well as a panel discussion on the challenges and best practices for maternal-child research. The stakeholders included personnel from maternity wards from all the clinics where the studies are recruiting from nationwide, Ministry of Health officials, all Districts Health Management Teams (DHMTs), BHP collaborators and partners, community advisory board and the civic society.