Human Resurces and Operations Manager, Beauty Malumbela

Human Resurces and Operations Manager, Beauty Malumbela

In an effort to improve conditions of service and benefits for staff, Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership (BHP) has implemented changes to the Maternity Policy and medical aid insurance cover. Section 29 of Maternity Policy of on BHP Conditions of service has been amended effective July 01, 2022. The amended clause now states that “employees on maternity leave will be paid 100% of their monthly salary. The employees must provide a certificate from a registered doctor or midwife stating the expected date of confinement and within 21 days of confinement, a certificate stating the actual date of confinement. BHP will grant female employee a paid daily period of absence not exceeding one hour in total to nurse the child up to 12 months of age.”

The maternity clause in the prior section allowed payment of only 60% of monthly salary for people on maternity leave. BHP also made changes in medical aid insurance cover by transitioning low cadre staff to Botsogo Medical Aid which pays 100% of medical fees without  employees paying the 10% co-payment requirement. Speaking at the Study Coordinators meeting on July 07,2022, Human Resources and Operations Manager, Beauty Malumbela revealed that the changeover was necessitated by hesitancy to seek medical assistance by some low cadre staff who found the 10% co-payment requirement prohibitive and expensive.

“The cover will give the affected employees assurance to freely seek medical assistance without undue constraints as their medical bills will be 100% covered by the medical insurance within stipulated appropriations for specific medical conditions” Malumbela said.

The rest of the BHP staff shall however remain on BOMAid insurance cover. Malumbela also stated that BHP is at an advanced stage of a review of staff remuneration and benefits with a view of harmonizing staff packages across different cadres and projects. She said that while the review project shall include grading of jobs this was NOT a salary review. This project would lay the foundation for future review of salary scales and development of a BHP pay philosophy.

On July 25, 2022, the BHP Director of Finance and Grants, Cornelius Gaetsaloe announced adjustments to mileage claim paid to staff members using their own vehicles on official duties. The claim shall be P3.50 per kilometer effective August 01, 2022.

To claim this benefit, employees using own vehicles for BHP official business shall request prior authorization from their line managers or supervisors and sign the BHP Travel Authorization Form. The claim shall be executed upon submission of detailed mileage claim indicating distance traveled, places visited and times, duly authorized and signed by supervisors.

Gaetsaloe noted that there will be no reimbursement for travel within the immediate Gaborone area and that no claim will be accepted for any journey less than 25km for senior staff members.

“In the event the employee does not use their personal vehicle and does not receive a car/travel/site coverage allowance as compensation, the employees will be reimbursed at standard public transport fare,” Gaetsaloe further explained.