Study Objectives

  1. Specific Aim 1: Determine prevalence of horizontal HIV acquisition and TB infection and disease among adolescents (age 10-17) overall and by HIV exposure status.
  2. Specific Aim 2: Identify barriers to care engagement and delivery among adolescents referred for further evaluation to government health clinics following positive HIV testing or TB screening.

Study Design: This study is a prospective observational cohort study with a cross-sectional qualitative component. The study is designed to determine the prevalence of TB and HIV among adolescents enrolled in this study, along with identify barriers to HIV and TB care delivery.

Study population and size: We will recruit 50 adolescents age 10-17 years old, citizens of Botswana, who have already consented to participate in the FLOURISH study, for co-enrolment in this study. We will also recruit 5 medical staff working in government clinics providing adolescent HIV and TB care.

Study duration: One Year

Study Results: Study is on-going. As of April 20, 2023, 20 adolescents have enrolled in the study, including 10 adolescents who are HIV-exposed uninfected and 10 who are HIV-unexposed uninfected. Two adolescents have met criteria for referral to government health clinics for further evaluation, including positive TB symptom screen and positive quantiferon testing.