Principal Investigator - Kathleen Powis, MD, MPH, MBA | Michelle Bulterys PhD

Study Objectives

Primary Study Aims

Aim 1: Using qualitative methods, characterize patterns of household composition and family dynamics for caregiving, and the role of nurturing care in promoting healthy neurodevelopment among children in Botswana. 

Aim 2: Using mixed methods, assess the associations between child HIV exposure, caregiver relationship factors, and child neurodevelopment.

Secondary Study Specific Aims

Aim 3: Evaluate differences in growth by infant HIV exposure status at six-months of life.

Aim 4: Evaluate compliance with Botswana National HIV testing standards for women without HIV who are breastfeeding and for infants with HIV exposure.

Study Design: Mixed method

Study population and size: Pregnant women enrolled in the FLOURISH study (R33 HD103099)

Study Duration: 12 months

Sponsor: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)

Study Findings

Study Ongoing. No Results Yet.

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