Principal Investigators - Nabila Youssouf PhD, Mosepele Mosepele MD, MSc | Sara Schwanke Khilji MD, MPH, FACP

Study Objectives: 

To determine the prevalence of lumbar puncture usage and outcomes of those who receive a lumbar puncture as compared to those who do not in patients who present to the hospital with neurological symptoms.

Primary Objectives: 

  1. Determine the prevalence of the usage of lumbar puncture for patients who presented with neurological symptoms at Princess Marina Hospital;
  2. Analyse and compare the outcomes of the patients who were given a lumbar puncture against those who did not.

Secondary Objectives:

  1. Determine the significance of CD4 counts found during the lumbar puncture on the outcomes of patients.

Study Design: Retrospective review

Study Population & Size: Adult patients who presented at PMH with central nervous systems symptoms during the period 01/01/2014 to 31/03/2021

Study Duration: Ongoing until all records are checked

Sponsor: University of Botswana.

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