Study Objectives

  • To identify scientific priorities in, perceived barriers and successful approaches to the conduct of research to prevent and treat HIV/co-infections in pregnant adolescents through engagement with stakeholders in the HIV research community, including investigators, research ethics committee members, community advisory board members, policy officials, and HIV youth advocates.
  • To characterize reasoning around participation in such studies from the viewpoints of affected adolescents through engagement with pregnant adolescents with or at risk for HIV in the US and Southern Africa.

Study Design Cross-sectional, qualitative

Study population and size: 20 adolescents living with HIV, 20 adolescents living without HIV, 15-20 stakeholders

Study duration: 3 years

Sponsor: NIH

Principal Investigator: Chelsea Morroni (

Study Findings

Study is on-going and no data analyses have been done yet

Contact Details
Chelsea Morroni (