Principal Investigator: Roxanna Haghighat, DPhil | Kathleen Powis, MD, MPH, MBA

Study Objectives

Aim 1: Evaluate the acceptability of conducting focus group discussions (FGDs) vs. individual in-depth interviews (IDIs) to discuss infant feeding decision-making among mothers living with and without HIV, and determine whether mothers prefer HIV seroconcordance in FGDs.

Aim 2: Explore the experiences around infant feeding decision-making for mothers living with and without HIV, including barriers and facilitators to EBF.

Aim 3: Identify significant differences in experiences and perspectives of EBF between mothers living with and without HIV.

Study Design: Qualitative with focus group discussions and in-depth interviews

Study population and size: Up to 50 women who are greater than 6 months post-partum who are enrolled in the FLOURISH study (R33 HD103099)

Study Duration: 12months

Study Findings

Study Results: Ongoing

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