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February 6, 2002


Kenyon, T.A., Creek, T., Laserson, K., Makhoa, M., Chimidza, N., Mwasekaga, M., Tappero, J., Lockman, S., Moeti, T., Binkin, N. Risk factors for transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from HIV-infected tuberculosis patients, Botswana. Int J Tuberc Lung Dis. Oct 2002

Novitsky, V., Cao, H., Rybak, N., Gilbert, P., McLane, M.F., Gaolekwe, S., Peter, T., Thior, I., Ndung’u, T., Marlink, R., Lee, T.H., and Essex, M. Magnitude and Frequency of CTL Responses: Identification of Immunodominant Regions in HIV-1 Subtype C. J. Virol. 2002

Novitsky, V., Smith, U.R., Gilbert, P., McLane, M.F., Chigwedere, P., Williamson, C., Ndung’u, T., Klein, I., Chang, S.Y., Peter, T., Thior, I., Foley, B.T., Gaolekwe, S., Rybak, N., Gaseitsiwe, S., Vannberg, F., Marlink, R., Lee, T.H., and Essex, M. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Subtype C Molecular Phylogeny: Consensus Sequence for an AIDS Vaccine Design? J. Virol. 2002

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