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October 6, 2020

BHP to take part in the Worldwide Week at Harvard University

Vice Provost for International Affairs at Harvard University, Prof. Mark. C. Elliot

The Botswana Harvard AIDS Institute Partnership (BHP) has been invited to take part in the commemoration of the Worldwide Week at Harvard, which will take place this fall from 05-09 October 2020. The Worldwide Week at Harvard advances the university’s mission by showcasing the breath of and promoting awareness of Harvard University’s international engagement.

During this week, Harvard schools, research centers, departments and student organizations host academic and cultural events as part of the commemorations. This year, the Vice Provost for International Affairs at Harvard University, Prof Mark C. Elliot extended the invitation to BHP, as it is one of the university’s affiliated research centers. Prof Elliot also serves on the BHP Board of members.

“There is much to be learned from the valuable work from your labs, and I would be honored to work with the BHP team to help spotlight your work and provide an opportunity for you to share the impact that BHP has made across the region since its inception,” said Prof Elliot.

This fall, the Worldwide Week at Harvard will focus on a new initiative called 24 Hours of Harvard (24hH) in which programming of activities will be concentrated into a single day to present the geographic breadth of the university’s teaching and research mission.

“There are no shortage of relevant conversations relating to the work of the hospitals and labs connected with BHP. I think 24hH may be an excellent opportunity for you to share BHP’s good work with the greater Harvard community,” added Prof. Elliot.

In response to the request, BHP in collaboration with the Chair of the Board of Directors Roger Shapiro has produced a Corporate Video highlighting BHP research and capacity building initiatives in the fight against HIV/AIDS and other emerging health challenges. The video will be part of the 24-hour programming lineup of events and activities. This programming of 24 consecutive hours is meant to demonstrate that at any hour of the day or night, Harvard teaching, research, learning, and outreach is happening somewhere in the world. 

“The aim of the 24hH is to highlight the geographic breadth of the University’s teaching and research activities by including 24 consecutive hours of Harvard programming from around the world. Harvard has extraordinary resources around the globe, which I believe advance the University’s mission tremendously. 24H aims to highlight that good work,” explained Prof Elliot. 

Prof Elliot also noted that the events for both Worldwide Week and the 24hH initiative shall be  virtual as a way of keeping the community safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing with the tremendous mission of the University. 

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